Tavern League  of Wisconsin 


2817 Fish Hatchery Road
Fitchburg, WI 53713 
Phone: (608) 270-8591     Toll Free: (800) 445-9221     ​FAX: (608) 270-8595 
Pete Madland                          608-220-7788

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Wisconsin Alcohol Beverage Laws

Food Handlers Recertification Course

Wisconsin Responsible Beverage Server Course

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Legislative Contacts

Jill Billings                                                         608.266.5780
Jennifer Shilling                                               608.266.5490

Steve Doyle                                                      608.266.0631

Lee Nerison                                                     608.266.3534
Ron Kind                                                           608.782.2558
Legislative Hotline                                           800.362.9472

Click Herefor the Wisconsin Legislative Website

    Local Government Officials

Mayor Tim Kabat of La Crosse                     608.782.7500

La Crosse City Clerk                                       608.789.7510

Mayor Joe Chilsen of Onalaska                    608.781.9530

Onalaska City Clerk                                        608.781.9530

La Crosse County Clerk                                 608.785.9581

Click herefor the City of La Crosse Website

Click here for the La Crosse County Website

City of La Crosse Council Members
District   Name                                           Address                                                              Phone                 
1Andrea Richmond1312 Cunningham Street608.781.4174
2Scott Neumeister1521 Wood Street608.519.3090
3Barb Janssen762 22nd Street N608.317.4311
4Jai Johnson928 Island Street608.397.1007
5Patrick Brever1824 La Crosse St., Rm 111C414.688.9230
6Jacki Marcou208 9th Street S608.433.5119
7Gary Padesky825 20th Street S608.782.5082
8Jessica Olson1219 Madison Street608769.7366
9Phillip A.Ostrem1104 6th Street S608.519.2038
10Paul Medinger2508 26th Street S608.769.9895
11Martin Gaul3378 East Avenue S608.790.2543
12Doug Happel3103 31st Street S608.788.1185
13Roger Christians4905 Silver Morning Lane608.788.2838