​​Our Mission:
The La Crosse County Tavern League is a non-profit trade association dedicated to serving the needs of the retail beverage alcohol segment of the hospitality industry in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

We exist to provide services to members that are not available to them as individuals and to use the collective strength of its membership to accomplish, as a group, goals that cannot be accomplished alone.

LCTL provides their members with services such as legislative and governmental relations, legal information, educational services and promotes the industry on behalf of its membership.

Mike Brown, President of the LaCrosse County Tavern League


  • LCTL believes in taking good care of our customers and protecting against the effects of alcohol abuse. We want our customers to have a good time and we are interested in their well-being.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to persons we believe are intoxicated. Friends don't let friends drive intoxicated. We want to be your friend and make sure you get home safely.
  • We will not encourage excessive drinking. You count with us. May we count on you to have a soft drink, coffee or non-alcohol beverage when you feel you may have had too much to drink? We want you to be able to come back again.
  • We want you to get home safely. If you need a ride, we will try to arrange safe transportation home. We hope you will consider doing the same for your friends.
  • We will not knowingly serve an underage person not accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian and will check age identification when in doubt. We ask for your cooperation.
  • We will not encourage or permit alcohol consumption contests on our premises.
  • We will keep ourselves informed, and encourage all of our customers to help us enforce the alcohol beverage laws, practice responsible drinking and good citizenship.CODE OF ETHICS


  • To represent every member and maintain a strong voice in the legislative process in La Crosse & Wisconsin.
  • To keep members abreast of current activities and future goals of the LCTL & the Tavern League of Wisconsin.
  • To update licensees on legal and legislative issues affecting the alcohol beverage industry.
  • To provide educational opportunities preparing licensees for the escalating challenges facing alcohol beverage retailers.
  • To keep the lines of communication open through various channels and levels of representation: i.e. Board of Officers and Directors, Local League Presidents and Secretaries, monthly local league meetings, District wide caucuses, statewide conventions, bi-monthly On Premise magazine and monthly newsletters.
  • To offer licensees the opportunity to network with fellow members.
  • To provide members with the perfect balance of motivation, education and entertainment.
  • To create good will through the community and safety through our safe ride programs in our communities.
  • To continually strive to be the most valuable source of information for members so they can't afford to not be a member.our paragraph here.