I'm Mike Brown, the President of the LaCrosse County Tavern League. I'm very excited to have this

opportunity to welcome you to our organization and our website. This site is open to all members

as well as anyone wanting to learn more about the Tavern League and how we support the communities

of La Crosse County.  If you want to connect with me or members of our board, visit the

Board of Directors and Committees page under the "About Us" tab.

Please be sure to check out our Events page for information about upcoming events and fundraisers.

Our Membership page is a resource for membership application and member benefits. Our Members

Only page is a place where members can download the monthly newsletter and gain access to other helpful information.

Visit the Saferide page to learn more about this successful program that gives our patrons a SAFE RIDE HOME rather than driving under the influence.

The News and Resources page provides links to current information on legislative issues affecting our industry. More importantly, it provides contact information for local, state, and national government contacts so your voice can be heard.

The Contact page is a place where you can connect via email with our local Tavern League Chapter as well as a link to the State League office. PLEASE contact us if you would like more information or if you want a visit from our membership committee.

Again...Welcome! We hope to hear from you soon!

Mark your calendar and plan to attend the TLW Fall Convention in Wisconsin Dells October 1-4. Visit TLW.ORG for more information.

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